Concerts at the Parlamentarium 

04-06-2024 to 07-06-2024

Concerts at the Parlamentarium


« A musical voyage through the vision and history of the European Union » : Join us in the Parlamentarium for a special series of concerts! 

Concerts at the Parlamentarium


4 June - Beethoven NONO

Francesco Prode, piano
Luigi Ceccarelli, magnetic tape


 The role of music and composers in society 
Why Ludwig van Beethoven and Luigi Nono? 
Like Beethoven, Nono represents an artist fully integrated into his political and social context. Nono inspires considerations on being an artist embedded in his era; he represents its contradictions, elevating them to a work of art. His artistic choices were never dictated by fads; on the contrary, Nono always forged ahead calmly aware that he was not accepted by his contemporary establishment. And this should be precisely the concept of a ‘free’ artist. 
200 years after the creation of the 9th Symphony by Beethoven, which anticipated the idea of Europe, and 100 years since Nono’s birthday, it is indeed essential to meditate on the concept of composer and artist.


A project by 
Francesco Prode and Luigi Ceccarelli 
Con il supporto della “Fondazione Luigi Nono”

5 June - World War I - concert en images ‘Reminiscence’

Olsi Leka, cello 

Piet Kujken, piano

Concert en images "Reminiscence"

Reminiscent of the 14-18 war and its vestiges. Texts from the correspondence of families and soldiers remind us of Europe at war before the era of peace...

6 June - World War II

Elina Buksha, violin
Kacper Nowak, cello
Christia Hudziy, piano


Dedicated to the memory of his close friend, Ivan Sollertinsky, brilliant musicologist, critic, and artistic director of the Leningrad Philharmonic, strenuous defender of Shostakovich’s work, the Piano Trio reflects on Shostakovich’s deep sorrow due to the stories of SS guards at the death camps of Treblinka and Majdanek who had forced Jewish prisoners to dig their own graves and dance upon them. 
This haunting image is reflected in the macabre musical imagery in the Trio’s Finale.

7 June - Tracing Europe

Valentina Volpe Andreazza, mezzosoprano

Valentina Volpe Andreazza and the Abdo Buda Marconi Trio retrace, in music, the mythological journey of Europa, the beautiful Phoenician princess, abducted from the shores of Sidon, in Lebanon, by the god Zeus, who transformed into a white bull and led her to the island of Crete. 

Her name will travel from Lebanon to Greece, then along the Balkans and further west, through different countries, cities, traditions and peoples, who, united in diversity, will create the continent called EUROPE.



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