01-10-2021 to 30-11-2021



Unravel the stories of 15 women sheltered in the European Parliament during the Covid-19 crisis.

Languages available during the activity EN, FR, NL, DE



The Parlamentarium, European Parliament’s Visitor Centre, is hosting the temporary exhibition “FEMMES – Portraits of women accompanied by the Samusocial Brussels”, together with the humanitarian service Samusocial and the Brussels Common Community Commission.

This temporary exhibition tells the story of 15 homeless women sheltered in one of the European Parliament buildings – the Helmut Kohl building – during the first months of the Covid-19 crisis. FEMMES is the result of the work of the photographer Gaël Turine and the journalist Anne-Cécile Huwart. Together they have captured 15 stories of sorrow and despair, but also desire and eagerness for a brighter future.

Th exhibition is available in French and English and it can also be read in Dutch and German, via a QR code available in the exhibition space.

Visitors will find the temporary exhibition FEMMES at the end of the regular visit of the Parlamentarium.

The Samusocial Brussels temporary centre at the European Parliament

Samusocial Brussels is a humanitarian emergency service whose purpose is to provide care and medical ambulatory aid and nursing to homeless people and people in social distress.

From May to August 2020, Samusocial Brussels, supported by the Brussels Common Community Commission, opened a centre for homeless women at the European Parliament's Helmut Kohl building, located in Square de Meeûs, Brussels. The European Parliament sheltered a total of 279 women in the offices of the staff, as an act of solidarity and public service.



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