The Virtual Role Play Game 

The Virtual Role Play Game


Take on the role of a Member of the European Parliament by negotiating and voting on key legislation in the EU in this group game.

Age of the target audience 16 years
Duration of the activity
Group size Minimum 16 to maximum 40 people
aaa Languages available during the activity 24

The Virtual Role Play Game

Age of the target audience 16 years

The online game

Players can take a seat in the European Parliament and experience the decision-making process directly from their classroom or community through this online game! 
Together with their fellow Members of the European Parliament, players will debate, negotiate, compromise and vote on a law proposal to improve the lives of citizens across the European Union.

In around 60 minutes, players will be able to learn about European democracy in an immersive and interactive way, all while collaborating closely and also improving public speaking and diplomatic skills.

A facilitator's guide is also available, including complementary educational material and preparatory activities to enrich the experience.

Both the game and the guide are FREE and available in 24 languages!

Who is it for?

Players of age 16+, of any background or experience.

How do you play?

The game works best for groups of 16 to 28 players (max 40), and requires 1 facilitator.

Both the players and the facilitator will need their own internet connected devices, and one screen to display content to the whole group. 

What's more

The Virtual Role Play Game is a part of the Digital Journey to the European Parliament.