Events and Exhibitions in Strasbourg 

Events and Exhibitions in Strasbourg

European Parliament

Cultivate your curiosity and delve into history, culture, and art with events and exhibitions during your visit.

Events and Exhibitions in Strasbourg

European Parliament

Culture, art and events make the European Parliament in Strasbourg an exciting place for constant learning and exchanges, where you are welcome to come back and discover something new each time

In addition to the not-to-be-missed visit to the Hemicycle, you can also explore permanent and temporary exhibitions during your visit. Throughout the year, many events happen in the European Parliament. Bookmark this page, subscribe to the newsletter or follow “Parlement Européen – Strasbourg” on social media to keep up to date with everything that is going on. 


Parlamentarium Simone Veil

Named after the first female President of the European Parliament, the Parlamentarium Simone Veil is an immersive space to understand how European democracy works. With interactive devices, you can find out who represents you on a European level, and what they are doing to meet the challenges of today. The content is available in the 24 official languages of the European Union.

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A selection of Protocol gifts offered to the European Parliament

This exhibition gathers gifts offered to the European Parliament in the last decades. The European Parliament often welcomes Heads of State and other distinguished guests during its plenary sessions, and the exchange of gifts is a ceremonial part of the official visit. Exchanging gifts symbolises friendship between people and countries, each object embodies the cultural heritage of the country that offered it. Come to see this unusual collection that shines a spotlight on this unique aspect of parliamentary life.



Louise Weiss: a committed European

Discover the story of a woman who, through her work as campaigner, journalist, writer and Parliamentarian, championed the European idea and made a significant impact on Europe. Today, the main European Parliament building in Strasbourg is named after her. The exhibition is available in French, German and English onsite, or in 24 languages via QR code. 

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The Schuman Declaration

Learn about the Schuman Declaration, from the problems facing Europe in 1950 to the man who lends his name to the historic statement. This exhibition explains why we celebrate Europe Day on 9 May and how the European Parliament came to be in Strasbourg. It is available in French, German and English onsite, or in 24 languages via QR code. 

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Major events take place in the European Parliament throughout the year. Highlights include Europe Day in May, the LUX Audience Award Ceremony in June, Heritage Days in September, and the Sakharov Prize Award Ceremony in December. You can take part in these events as a visitor and see a new side to the European Parliament. Check this page to find out what is coming up.  

The European Parliament regularly organises online and onsite events and meets with civil society organisations all over Europe. Sign up to to be the first to know when and where the next events are organised, in Strasbourg and the rest of Europe.


European Parliament

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