Poetry Slam 


Poetry Slam in the Citizens‘ Garden

Citizens' Garden

This poetry slam intends to showcase diverse voices of democracy and foster reflections on why it is important to speak up, to take part in participative democracy and stand up for it. 

Poetry Slam

Citizens' Garden

Poets for Democracy

Democracy cannot be taken for granted. Democracy is a challenging process that constantly aims to achieve an even better societal future, for more inclusion and equality. Culture plays an important role in this regard. ‘United in Diversity’ is the motto of the European Union, whereby Europe’s cultural diversity is united in the awareness of sharing a common European heritage.

Democracy is fundamentally based on the freedom of expression, especially via the arts and culture. Poetry, as a liberal literary genre, offers the opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future of European democratic values that we all share. Whilst slam poetry, is a form of poetic expression that incorporates performance and a participative audience.

Slam poets at the European Parliament “Poets for Democracy” event will address topics that show the manifold advantages of democracies. These include praising freedom of expression, tolerance, solidarity, togetherness, a common EU future, as well as flagging disruptive forces that could endanger our democratic achievements such as the misfits of social media, Artificial Intelligence or the advent of a more polarised, more self-absorbed society. 

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Yassine Azaiez, keyboard
Abigaille Muaca Vungu, vocals 

EU Poets

Silvia Pollidori, European Parliament - Italy 
Ben Ray, European Commission - UK
Alison Mooney, European Parliament - Ireland

European Champions

Dani Orviz, 2012 first European Champion, Spain
Péter Molnàr, 2018 European Champion, Hungary
Lisette Ma Neza, 2017 Runner Up and audience award winner - Belgium 
Marie Darah, 2021 European Champion - Belgium 
Elif Duygu, 2022 Austrian Champion - Austria
Joonas Veelmaa, 2023 European Champion - Estonia

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Citizens' Garden

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