European Quarter Explorer 

European Quarter Explorer

European Quarter

Visit the European Quarter with a free tour, at your own pace.

Age of the target audience 16 years
Duration of the activity From to -
aaa Languages available during the activity 24

European Quarter Explorer

European Quarter
Age of the target audience 16 years

Are you looking to discover more about the city you live in? Or do you want to make the most of your city trip in Brussels with an off-the-beaten-track experience?

The European Quarter Explorer is a web application that leads you to discover one of the most eclectic and international neighbourhoods of Brussels, the European Quarter. Virtual guides will tell you stories about the area, and the remarkable artworks, modern architecture and remnants of the past that make it unique. 

At each stop, you will choose what you want to learn: the history of an old train station only partially completed; a British industrialist that made the fortune of Belgium through railways; the functioning of the European Union’s main institutions; how European laws affect your daily life; the many lives of Park Leopold; a building made of wood and glass from all over Europe; a secret garden; and much more. 

Choose your preferred tour: both are available in 24 languages. You do not need to download anything, but make sure you have internet connection and enough battery on your mobile phone. Headphones are recommended.

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A guided visit with Sofia

If you want to discover the European Quarter with a guided visit, in less than two hours, this is the perfect tour for you.

Meet your virtual guide, Sofia, in Luxembourg Square. Here, you will start a visit of the area also known as the Leopold Quarter, named after the first king of the Belgians, where the European Parliament is located today. 

You will then have the possibility to walk to the Schuman roundabout, where the European Commission and Council are located, or to discover other points of interest in the area. The tour will be longer or shorter depending on the topics you choose, until you arrive back at the starting point and say goodbye to your guide.

This tour lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Arsène's Mystery

If you want to explore the European Quarter and have a taste for games and quizzes, this is the tour for you. Get ready to uncover a mystery...

Nina is an excellent guide of the European Quarter; virtually meet her in Luxembourg Square, where she will tell you more about her great-grandfather Arsène and the riddle he left for her. She will need your help to solve the puzzle. In exchange, she will show you around, tell you stories about the European Quarter and European institutions, and test your knowledge with a few quizzes.

After an introduction, you will walk across the Esplanade Solidarność 1980 towards the European Parliament, where you can choose whether to explore the area around the Schuman roundabout or continue towards the end of the visit in Park Leopold - and solve the mysterious riddle. 

This tour lasts between 2 and 3 hours.


European Quarter

Esplanade Solidarność 1980
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