Lunchtime tours every Tuesday 

06-02-2024 a 27-02-2024

Lunchtime tours every Tuesday

Casa de la Historia Europea

February Lunch Tours theme – "What’s love got to do with it?"

Edad del público destinatario 16 años
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Lunchtime tours every Tuesday

Casa de la Historia Europea
Edad del público destinatario 16 años

Take part in a themed tour of the exhibition on your lunch break. No booking required.


March Lunch Tours theme - "Reflection on our collection"

The House of European history is a place for discussion and debate. Looking from different perspectives is important to truly understand the topics that are addressed in our collection. Let’s ask ourselves some questions about difficult topics and reflect how they should or should not be represented.



5 March - Colonialism

From the fifteenth to the twentieth century, European countries established colonies all over the world. European colonial powers inflicted misery, inequality and racism on the peoples they had colonised while growing wealthier themselves. Eventually they relinquished their colonies voluntarily or were forced to give them up. Let’s reflect on how we address this topic in the museum.

12 March - War Crimes

The atrocities of war are a difficult topic to discuss. Can we even find the right words to describe certain events in history? Let’s have a closer look on how we approach it in the museum.

19 March - Gender Balance

The call for ‘herstory’ has become louder over the years. Let’s look at the representation of gender and the partition of different voices in our collection.

26 March - Memorials

How do we choose collectively what to remember and what to forget? Should we still erect monuments for people today? And what to do when those memorandum cause harm to certain people? Let’s delve deeper into different memorials in our collection.


Casa de la Historia Europea

Rue Belliard / Belliardstraat 135
1000 Bruselas


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