Online European Youth Seminars 

Online European Youth Seminars

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Be part of a multicultural and dynamic group of young Europeans. Understand the role and powers of the European Parliament, identify and debate important issues for today’s Europe and come up with concrete solutions.

Age of the target audience
Duration of the activity
Group size Minimum 10 to maximum 40 people
Languages available during the activity EN, FR, DE

Online European Youth Seminars

Other locations

The online European Youth Seminars are one of the digital activities for groups of the European Parliament. Join young people from different EU countries to brainstorm, discuss and debate social challenges. As part of a multicultural group, you will work together on topics relevant to today’s Europe. Participants will come up with innovative solutions and present them to a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

An online European Youth Seminar is a 2-hour activity, generally available in English, French or German. It addresses relevant European topics and it typically includes:

  • Welcome and introduction to the European Parliament, explaining how European democracy works and how it improves citizens’ lives.
  • Idea Labs where multinational sub-groups discuss different aspects of the seminar’s topic, identify challenges, present solutions and vote on proposals.
  • A closing session where groups present their best ideas to an MEP.

A multicultural experience for young citizens

This activity will develop participants’ interpersonal skills and critical thinking. They will encounter cultural, linguistic and social differences during the debates and votes, just as Members of the European Parliament do.

The online European Youth Seminars aim to foster active citizenship and enhance youth participation in the democratic process. 

Request an European Youth Seminar

Group leaders – student representatives, teachers, university professors, lecturers or assistants - can request an online European Youth Seminar, by filling in the online application. Please indicate:

  • Participants’ age: 16-18 or 18-26. 
  • The number of participants (minimum 10; maximum 40).
  • Language: English, French or German. Other languages are possible upon request and subject to availability.
  • Dates.

Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you all the technical and administrative information.
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