Youth Seminars 

Youth Seminars

European Parliament

Learn more about the European Parliament, debate important issues with other young Europeans and present your solutions to a Member of the European Parliament.

Age of the target audience From 16 - To 26 years
Group size Minimum 10 to maximum 40 people
Languages available during the activity 24

Youth Seminars

European Parliament
Age of the target audience From 16 - To 26 years

Join a Youth Seminar with your class or youth group for a unique opportunity to meet other European young people and discuss topics relevant to today’s Europe. 

During a Youth Seminar, young people from different European countries brainstorm together and debate social challenges, then present their solutions to a Member of the European Parliament.

A multicultural experience for young citizens

A Youth Seminar is an activity for groups that takes place in Brussels, Strasbourg or online. Each seminar addresses a key challenge for the future of Europe, such as climate change, digitalisation or education, and includes: 

  • An introduction to the European Parliament, how European democracy works and how it affects citizens’ lives;
  • Idea Labs where participants are divided into groups to discuss the topics, identify challenges, and vote on potential solutions;
  • A closing session where groups present their ideas to a Member of the European Parliament.

This activity aims to encourage critical thinking and participation in the democratic process. Participants will have to overcome cultural, linguistic and social differences during the debates and vote in order to reach a common solution, just as Members of the European Parliament do.

Request a Youth Seminar

Group leaders – student representatives, teachers, university professors, lecturers or assistants – can fill in an online request  for a Youth Seminar. 

Please indicate:

  • Participants’ age: 16-18 or 18-26 years old;
  • Number of participants: minimum 10; maximum 40;
  • Language: English, French or German. Other languages are possible upon request and subject to availability;
  • Location: Youth seminars normally take place in Brussels or Strasbourg. Upon availability, you can also opt for an online Youth Seminar.

Once the request is confirmed, the group leader will receive all necessary information. Groups with similar ages, interests and languages are matched to take part in a Youth Seminar together.

The onsite Youth Seminars in Brussels and Strasbourg are a full-day activity, while the online version is designed to last 3 hours.  

For any questions about Youth Seminars, you can contact



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