Visiting Strasbourg during coronavirus 

Visiting Strasbourg during coronavirus

European Parliament

Hygiene and safety measures have been put in place to allow visits in Strasbourg during the coronavirus pandemic. Please read the information carefully to prepare for your visit.


Visiting Strasbourg during coronavirus

European Parliament

It's possible to visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg and see European democracy. Visits take you inside the stunning Louise Weiss building to the public gallery of the Hemicycle debating and voting chamber, and to the interactive Parlamentarium Simone Veil. 

You can also see a photo exhibition to mark the 20th anniversary of the Louise Weiss building’s construction. It portrays many of the landmark moments that have taken place inside the building since its opening.

Please note that the European Parliament reserves the right to modify the visitor circuit if necessary.

Visits to the European Parliament in Strasbourg have been adapted to ensure visitor safety. Please note the following:

  • Only visits with handheld multimedia guides in 24 languages are available.

Opening hours

Monday − Friday Saturday
13:00−17:00 09:30 − 12:00 and 13:00 − 17:00
Monday − Friday
09:30 − 12:00 and 13:00 − 17:00

Last exit: 18:00.


Please note that the European Parliament is closed on Sundays, office closing days and public holidays.

In 2022: 14-18.04 / 09.05 / 14.05 / 26.05 / 01.06 / 14.07 / 15.08 / 31.10-2.11 / 23.12-02.01.23.

No mandatory booking

No booking is required but an entry system is being used to regulate the number of visitors inside at any given time and to create distance between visitors. As a result, visitors may have to wait for a short time before entering.

Hygiene measures during a visit

In order to ensure a safe and pleasant visit for everyone, visitors are kindly asked to observe the following measures:

  • Disinfection gel is available at the entrance and throughout the exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to make use of it throughout their visit.
  • Personal media guides and touchscreens are used throughout the visit. In order to reduce the risk of contamination as much as possible, disposable earpieces and touch pens are available. Visitors are encouraged to bring personal earphones and touch pens and can be disinfected at the hand out of the personal media guides.
  • All equipment and material (like personal media guides and interactive exhibition elements) as well as the public sanitary facilities and other sensitive areas (handles, doors) are cleaned on a regular basis.

What else can be done to protect yourself and other visitors?

  • If visitors feel ill or had a recent contact (within the last 14 days) with an ill person, the visit should be postponed.
  • Visitors should wash their hands often with soap and water.
  • Visitors should cough or sneeze into a new paper handkerchief each time and throw it away in a closed garbage can. In the absence of a paper handkerchief visitors should cough or sneeze into the inside of their elbow.


The European Parliament is monitoring the situation in real time and will adapt its measures accordingly.