Art in Democracy 

01-02-2024 to 18-09-2024

Art in Democracy

European Parliament

The Art in Democracy exhibition offers an opportunity to explore the topic of democracy through the artwork of contemporary European artists. 

Age of the target audience 16 years
Duration of the activity
Group size Minimum 20 to maximum 50 people
Languages available during the activity FR, DE, EN

Art in Democracy

European Parliament
Age of the target audience 16 years

The exhibition explores the relationship between art and democracy through a selection of artworks from the European Parliament Contemporary Art Collection. The artworks from different European countries offer a personal interpretation of different aspects of democracy. They highlight the relevance of democracy for diversity, inclusiveness, and freedom of expression.

Let this exhibition inspire you to reflect on the important link between art and democracy, to stimulate dialogue, and to foster a deeper understanding of the role that art plays in shaping democratic values and our democratic society.

The Art in Democracy exhibition, featuring artworks from the European Parliament’s Contemporary Art Collection, explores various components of democracy and attempts to unravel why these values are so important to our society. It also reminds us that European citizens have a role to play in defending democracy by voting in the upcoming elections. 

Art in Democracy can be visited in the European Parliament in Strasbourg until 18 September 2024. 


The full exhibition is also available in 24 languages on the dedicated website, which includes a pedagogical kit for educators in 24 languages, allowing teachers to bring the topic to life in the classroom and inviting students to reflect on democracy and what it means to them through various artistic activities.

Visit the exhibition

The exhibition is open to individual visitors and groups without reservation. 

All groups booking a guided tour receive a brief introduction to the exhibition.

In-depth guided tours of the exhibition are available in French, German and English outside session for groups from mid-March onwards, on request via

Guided tours: 2 April to 31 May

no tours between 22-26 April

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European Parliament

Paul-Henri Spaak Building
Wiertzstraat 60
1047 Brussels, Belgium

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